Bloody Hell!

Nurdles … imals.html

(You can find out what each animal may be ingesting by placing your cursor over it)

Albatross chicks gorge on plastic waste on Midway Island.

:protest: – “Demand plastic polluting corporations do their part!!!” … cale=en-US

damn these plastics!!!

250 Starving Lions Found in Raid on Trophy Hunting Farm in 2016 … -bcqdn2d0c

This starving polar bear grabbed world attention back in December of 2017.

Now Brazil rain forest reports record wildfires.

Right now, wildfires are out-of-control all over the place in the Arctic too.

“We are, quite literally, gambling with the future of the planet — for the sake of hamburgers” – Peter Singer, author of ‘Animal Liberation’ … 678976768/

Out-of-control, toxic algae blooms are killing marine life in Lake Erie’s waters. … 43478.html

(This link was first posted in 2016, but the subject matter of the post is still relevant today.)

Lack of ice as a result of climate change is being blamed for hundreds of walruses falling to their deaths off of these rocky cliffs in the Russian Arctic. Check out:

The “Rain of Death”. According to the following link, this is happening in parts of the States of Oregon and Washington as well. … ts/5677614

Bloody Hell! Three billion birds have disappeared in North America just in the past 5 decades. Pet cats have been around for more than 2,500 years. The huge numbers of birds that have been disappearing can’t be on account of them. It must be a result of all those chemicals that have been used in big ag and the forest industry since WWII. I mean, what else could it be? … ry-in-the/

Society has been ignoring this disaster of all these birds disappearing for all too long already, I think. … oring.html