Blood Lions

A Call to Stop Canned Lion Hunting

Okay. Stoooooppp! Did they hear me? Well shoot, there’s always a lovely story coming out of Africa. Some people really love to take cheap shots, even at some expense, but this has been going on for centuries. If I’m lion I’m dyin’!

Sorry, I hope it works now, or the joke gets old, or a meteor wipes out that continent (just kidding, but it’s like give it a rest you crazy people).

expialidocious, by posting that “If I’m lion I’m dyin’!” link with what you’ve written, you seem to be implying that the Romans too killed lions from Africa. They did not. The lions that appeared in events at the Colosseum were from Asia.

Check out: … ation.html

Another source said they were from North Africa. If I’m lion I’m dyin’… :blackeye: Who knows, but that wasn’t the fundamental point here. Fundamentally I was agreeing that it should be stopped.