Biblical and historical evidences about Jesus

When we begin to examine the texts of the gospels and the Letters of the New Testament, Jesus is the central figure. The four gospels tell us about his life here on earth while the epistles describe the meaning of his death and his resurrection according to Christian belief. We can actually say that if he hadn’t lived on earth, none of these texts would have been written, and the New Testament would not have been born.

As we then start to examine the historicity of Jesus we find proof of his life on earth. This proof has been preserved by his successors, such as the early church fathers, and also from his opponents. Both sources refer to various parts of his life.

Next we examine some sources which refer to his historicity. They clearly show that Jesus really lived on this earth:

I would say that your link is flawed from scientifically point of view. It doesn’t contain any independent reviews and cites only one source.

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