Beware of Using ASPCA Pet Insurance

Evidently there are some serious problems when using ASPCA Pet Insurance as evidenced by a petition being circulated on Care2 Petition site. Here is the sad story of what happened when she tried to get coverage of her cat Floppy. Here is the complete story directly copied from the petitioner’s petition:

"Floppy is a miracle kitty, he has fought to be in this world from day one – when I rescued him as a tiny kitten from a life of neglect. Since then he has grown into the sweetest and most amazing pet I have ever had.

"Recently Floppy was diagnosed with a rare form of Mast Cell Cancer and was given a poor prognosis, with a maximum of a couple of months to live.

"Neither I, nor little Floppy, accepted this diagnosis. I went to extreme lengths to ensure he had the best medical treatment available. Thanks to his amazing veterinarians, and his tenacity and will to live, he has gone into complete remission. His rebound to total health is nothing short of magical, he has baffled the vets on his case.

"Needless to say, the treatment has been beyond expensive. If I had not had the foresight to buy pet insurance years ago, I would not have been able to afford all the weekly vet visits and daily medications.

"However recently, ASPCA Pet Insurance (a subsidiary of the Hartville Group) started to deny his claims. They state that since his plan has renewed, his “illness” is no longer eligible for coverage. Despite the fact that there has been no lapse in coverage or change requested to his policy since it renewed, ASPCA Pet Insurance refuses to honor any future claims for his condition.

"I am not alone as a consumer in my issues dealing with ASPCA Pet Insurance. Consumer Affairs and Yelp give them the lowest possible ratings, with a heartbreaking list of numerous cases just like mine. Some people have lost their pets because they couldn’t afford critical medical care for their dogs or cats.

"The ASPCA organization website says “Animals Need Us.” Well, Animals Need ASPCA Pet Insurance to honor their commitment to animal welfare by providing better insurance plans, and more transparency to their consumers.

“Floppy’s life and many other pets lives depend on the coverage they provide for expensive veterinary treatments. Please help me get ASPCA Pet Insurance to be accountable to the animals they provide medical coverage to.”

Therefore if you feel an injustice has been done you could sign her petition by clicking on this link: … c5849e5c6e.

Even if you don’t sign the petition you are now aware of some of the problems that could be encountered when using this company’s pet insurance for your pet.

sigh was googling for pet insurance for my little dog and cat and read up on this. my friends were saying some home insurance does cover pet losses.
really hate insurance companies.