Best way weight loss

I am a certified fitness trainer and I think diet is key to weight loss.

Your weight is a balancing act, but the equation is simple: If you eat more calories than you burn, you gain weight. And if you eat fewer calories than you burn, you lose weight.

Since 3,500 calories equals about one pound of fat, if you cut 500 calories from your typical diet each day, you’ll lose approximately one pound a week (500 calories x 7 days = 3,500 calories). Simple right? Then why is weight loss so hard?

All too often, we make weight loss much more difficult than it needs to be with extreme diets that leave us cranky and starving, unhealthy lifestyle choices that undermine our dieting efforts, and emotional eating habits that stop us before we get started. But there’s a better way! You can lose weight without feeling miserable. By making smart choices every day, you can develop new eating habits and preferences that will leave you feeling satisfied—and winning the battle of the bulge.

The best way to lose weight eat less and sport much. You should take 4 small meal instead of 3 heavy meal…

Actually I think we don’t have to really “eat less” to lose weight. I mean there are still many other food we can eat as much we want without gaining weight, like fruits. One of my favorite fruits is guava. Guava is such a great fruit due to its richness of vitamins and minerals. I can eat guavas every day, sometimes I make guava smoothie or juice which are all tasty. You can read more health benefits of guava here :slight_smile:

I agree with Annastock. I think that extreme diet can lead to lack of nutrition. Thus, consuming the nutritious foods that do not gain weight is a perfect idea. Apart from guava, there are still many other foods that also have the same benefits on weight loss. The top foods can conclude brazil nuts, squash and edamame. These foods are very nutritious and effective and you don’t need so much effort to find them :laughing: :laughing:
Actually, there are some articles talking about the benefits of 3 above foods on losing weight. You can see them at:
Besides that, drinking more water and exercising are other good ways confirmed by many experts.
Nice to share with you! :smiley: :smiley:

You can lose a significant amount of weight just by eliminating cane sugar from your diet and you can do this without depriving your sweet tooth. All you have to do is replace the cane sugar, that you now consume, with stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener that is extracted from the leaves of a plant that is native to South America. Check out: SweetLeaf stevia products contain 0 calories, have no carbs and are all-natural. Stevia also has a non-glycemic response, which means that it is safe for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

There are soft drinks available that are sweetened with stevia too. Check out:

So do I use these products? You bet I do!

I was able to lose 20 pounds in less than 3 months time just by replacing the cane sugar, that I normally consume, with stevia. I didn’t change my diet in any other way. Anyway, I started using stevia well over a year ago. In all that time, I’ve been able to keep off the weight, that I lost, plus I lost 5 more pounds on top of that. Not bad, eh?

I am trying ginger. It works

The combination on healthy diet and regular exercises should do the trick. But please remember that you still need to eat properly (meaning all meals) skipping meals is never the best idea! However, if you experience snack cravings, the best way to resist the temptation is Peppermint Oil. I’m not joking, you may think how does an essential oil help me to loose weight, right? Inhaling a bit of peppermint oil in the morning not only makes you wake up quickly without the need to drink gallons of coffee but also makes you full and you loose the ‘urge’ to binge eating. The Peppermint Oil which I’m using now is this one by Virginic -> … ential-oil. It has a very very strong minty smell, the best things about it: it is obviously vegan and cruelty free with no additives/chemicals/preservatives and other ‘nasties’ + after you loose the weight you do not need to throw the bottle away or let it dust on a shelf, you could actually use it for so many other things - it even works as a bug repellent!
I hope it helps, lots of luck on the weight loss!

From my experience eating whole plants is the best way to loose weight.
Whole plants mean you don’t eat refined carbs and fats. No vegetable oils, even extra virgin olive oil. All the fats should be taken from whole foods like seeds, nuts and avocados. But if you really want to lose weight quickly you should not eat nuts and avocados until you are happy with your weight.

Here is a life example of how this way of eating works:

I think to lose weight, no need to eat less. It’s all about balance. Eat limited, 4 time small meals, work out every day! Lot’s of water consumption.