Best Vegan Recipe sites

What are the best vegan recipe sites you are using most often?

I for example use

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Hi Sergio

I’ve just launched a site featuring vegan recipes at

  • basically, I was producing an inclusive recipe book but in the process (over the last two years) became progressively vegan (well, it is the way to go :smiley: ) - and as this was a bonus I decided to make it accessible to all - as well as a useful resource for myself!

Dame xx

Hi Dame,
the recipies are brilliant - thanx :smiley: I have an attempt at vegan figgy pud on the stove, so I’ll donate the recipe if it’s edible :laughing:

I went to the US a year ago, and was pleasantly surprised by the veggie food on offer: very simple and healthy. A lot of restaurants did a vegetable platter (grilled meditaranean veg, boiled asparagus, pumpkin mash) or a portobello and eggplant (aubergine?) sandwich.

Anyhoo, recipe sites: (under articles > recipes) (I can recommend the mushroom-stuffed filo parcels!)

I also have a copy of ‘Cranks Fast Food’ by Nadine Abensur. It’s written more for ovo-lacto vegetarians, but most of it can be easily adapted to be vegan, and it contains some gorgeous recipes!

Check this Vegan Blog for awesome recipes:

My girlfriend just made a delicious Alfredo sauce that she found on vegan yum yum site. I imagine they also have other good recipes on there too

Nice info thanks for sharing! Thousands of recipes… amazing. My own personal of concoctions that have been succesful. A great collection of unique vegan recipes. Another unique collection of recipes.

These are some recipe sites I’ve been to:

This is easier and surely gives comfort to internet users. Thanks for sharing wonderful vegan recipe resource site. Site like this offers great benefit. Thank you!

I use youtube. My faves are : The Happy Pear and BOSH and I also started a channel.