Benefits of Soy Food Products

For centuries, soy food products have been a part of the regular diet in China, Japan, and Indonesia. Owing from the fact that a great number of Asians live to a very old age with very low rates of cardiovascular diseases, soy products is said to play a vital role in the prevention of diseases.

But soy can also be unhealthy if it has heavily-processed ingredients (soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, texturized soy protein, hydrolyzed soy protein) or genetically-manipulated (non-organic).

Benefits of Soy

  • High in protein—Conventional soy products such as tempeh, tofu, and soy milk are very high in protein.
  • Helps prevent cancer of the breast, colon, prostate, and uterus (endometrium). It is assumed that the isoflavones from soy foods are the main factors involved in soy’s health benefits.
  • Helps prevent heart disease by reducing total cholesterol, blood pressure, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol; and probably preventing plaque increase in the arteries (arteriosclerosis).
  • Probiotics (friendly bacteria) from fermented soy products play a part in the health of the intestinal tract.

Soy Foods

Soy Milk – produced by soaking soybeans and grinding them with water. Of late, with numerous new uses for soy milk having been revealed, the acknowledgment of soy milk’s health benefits, and with enhanced flavor and texture, soy milk now has broad and growing acceptance.

Plain soy milk is very nutritive - high quality proteins, B-vitamins, and isoflavones. It is free of the milk sugar (lactose) and is a good option for people who are lactose intolerant.

A good number of the soy milk available in the market is flavored and prepared with extra vitamins and calcium. Best-selling flavors are chocolate and vanilla.

  • Malted soy milk (Vitasoy)
  • Mocha Soymilk (Delhaize)
  • Soya Vanilla (So Good)

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Yes, organic non-gmo soy is good. It contains appropriate hormones that are specially fine for health of women.