Benefits of Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is an amazingly healthy cow milk replacement.It has almost all of the benefits that milk has, plus it doesn’t make the cow suffer to get milk. It’s a good choice also for those who have lactose-intolerance.
Among other benefits of coconut milk, it’s worth mentioning:

  1. possibility of using it as a replacement for coffee and tea creams
  2. use it as a source for calcium
  3. fighting infections with its lauric acid
  4. use it as antioxidant
    5 ) use as cream against sunburns
  5. lower blood sugar
  6. use as hair conditioner
    8) use it when cooking

Good benefits of coconut milk you have shared here. Coconut milk is quite good for your heart’s health. It helps control weight and keeps blood sugar level under a check. Also, it helps you feel full faster and hence very beneficial for people who are trying to lose weight. If you feel full, you tend to eat less.
If you didn’t like the taste of coconut mil than you can add coconut milk to pasta dishes, sweet potato dishes, protein drinks and oatmeal.

It also hydrates you better than anything else and contains electrolytes! So it acts as one great ‘sports’ drink for post games or workouts!

I’m allergic to dairy that’s why i drink coconut milk and cook with it. I like how it tastes and its so good to know that it has s many benefits

I think you will be surprised to listen that Coconut Milk has a only 17% fat content. It Contains anti-oxidants that stop it going rancid.