Awareness campaign a great success!

The article in the Toronto’s Sunday Sun (One of the leading newpapers in Toronto) can explain it :

We were also interviewed by Toronto’s ‘The easy vegan’, Toronto’s ‘Now Magazine’, and were even on Global TV

There were also some new potential volunteers. This will help to empower the movement even more, and possibly bring them closer to vegatarianism and ulitmately veganism, or if not maybe just open them up to other compassionate horizons.

Baby steps we say. Any advancement in Animal Rights is one step closer to our ultimate goal - ANIMAL LIBERATION!

For anyone who would like to join Toronto’s most active Animal Rights group please visit ‘Wild At Heart.’

We also do prostests on:

Vivisection and Animal Testing
And this summer we’re planning to do a Vegan Outreach Awareness campaign

Since it’s winter and people are buying more fur coats we are going to be doing a fur demo this Saturday December 2nd.

We would LOVE to have you come by and help us out.

p.s. I invite Antoine to correct me on any information that may be incorrect. And I would like to thank Antoine and all the other members in ‘Wild at heart’ who further educated me on many issues of pertaining to Animal Rights. And also a BIG BIG thanks to poor Hillary who was tied up for so long. You are an inspiration Hillary.