Asking Al Gore to be open about animal agriculture


I am writing to let you know of a project my friends and I are working on to get Al Gore to start being more explicit about the role of animal agriculture in climate change than he has been. While he has done a great job awakening the world to the dangers of climate change, he continues to push people towards solutions like solar panels that are expensive, create their own environmental problems, and will take years to be widely adapted. Mr. Gore admits that animal agriculture makes enormous contributions to global warming, yet he refuses to let people know the simplest thing they can do to make a huge impact in the fight against climate change, which is the elimination or reduction of the consumption of animal products.

Our idea is very simple; to create video letters to Al Gore petitioning him to talk more openly about the role of animal agriculture in climate change. We believe this will be more effective than a written or online petition and at the very least; it will garner media attention and allow our message to get out to the public even if Mr. Gore ignores us. We call this project “Operation Missing Link.” We have set up a website for this project at…n-missing-link where you can find out the details of the project as well as look at the videos that the project members have created thus far.

Mr. Gore is working on a project of his own, the “Climate Reality Project” scheduled to launch on September 14. Our goal is to have at 10,000 people all over the world to create their video messages to Al Gore before “Climate Reality Project” goes live.

I am asking you to create you own video letters to Al Gore for Operation Missing Link.

I am happy to answer any questions or concerns people may have about Operation Missing Link.

Here are some links within the site.
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We have also created an online petition found at … te-change/. We hope that you will sign and share.

Could you be more specific please? Exactly what types of animal agriculture are you targeting and why?