Arrange Talks to Advocate for Animal Rights

[size=150]Arranging talks is another effective way to advocate for animal rights and vegetarianism.[/size]
Read more about how to sponsor a speaker or how to give a talk yourself. You can put posters about the talks everywhere, and all who see the posters—even if they don’t come to the talks—can be positively influenced. Be sure to take the same care with the words on your poster that an ad agency would for its most important client. You can entitle a talk, “Vegetarian—the Only Diet for a Small Planet” or “Animal Rights: Social Justice for the New Millennium” or something else that will reach people with your basic message, even if they only see the headline. But be sure to offer an explanation of the talk (about four sentences) and a phone number or e-mail address for people who want more information. Also, put a Web site address on the sign, whether it’s your group’s site,, or any other pro-vegetarian Web page. Remember that the quality of your signs is arguably as important as the quality of the talk—whenever people read your sign (even if they don’t go to the lecture), they will be absorbing a pro-animal message.

Hm… But how does one find and sponsor a speaker on animal rights?