Are vegans uptight and cranky?

I came across this and I consider myself a happy go lucky vegan:

Do people really think vegans are uptight and cranky?

Help me vote this down!

Everybody has the right to be cranky sometimes.

no. most pc blinkered people are willfully ignorant, hopelessly insecure and wimpy apologist drones. they prefer to stay in their dull and colorless world of black and white, where their “both eyes wide shut” choices are made for them, and happiness is always just around the corner. the Talking Heads do most of the thinking. the brutal and horrible realities of factory farming and the slaughter of innocent, sentient, non-human animals is appalling, sadistic, impossible to ignore, and speaks for itself. in fact uptight and cranky has nothing to do with it, unless you have the critical thinking skills of a small, confused and bewildered child.

I would say most are less than “average”.
But essentially people are uptignt and cranky some of the time and vegans are people :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure where uptight and cranky came from. Generally speaking I’ve found my fellow vegans and vegetarians to be some of the most laid back level headed people I know. Nothing like some good old fashioned ignorance. I voted it down.