Aonori (Monostroma spp., Enteromorpha spp.)

Aonori (Monostroma spp., Enteromorpha spp.)
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Aonori (Japanese: 青海苔) or green laver is a type of edible green seaweed, including species from the genera Monostroma and Enteromorpha of Ulvaceae.

It is grown up in some bay areas, such as Isewan, in Japan. It contains rich minerals such as calcium, magnesium, lithium, vitamins, and amino acids such as methionine.

It is used for Japanese soups, tempura, and material for manufacturing dried nori and tsukudani. In dried powder form Ulva species of Ulvaceae may used together with aonori, as its production is limited.

It is used commonly for flavouring of some Japanese foods, usually by sprinkling the powder on the hot food, for its aroma:

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