Anybody have some good tooth whitening tips?


I regularly brush my teeth, but they are still not that white. Can anybody have some good tooth whitening tips? Please feel free to add suggestion here.

Thanks & Regards
Robin Hood

The color of the teeth might depend also on the water you are using because different waters have different mineral content, in some geo regions people just have more yellowish teeth.

Just make sure that if you plan on getting them professionally whitened you have a very good dentist. And make sure your teeth can handle it and aren’t too sensitive. My boyfriend had it done and was in excruciating pain for hours after. Research whatever you do. It may be completely fine or you may be someone who has a bad reaction. Good luck!

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There are many teeth whitening products these days.The first thing you should do is to make a visit to the dentist and see if you can make a teeth whitening treatment .Most whitening products and procedures to whiten your teeth will cause some pain after.It depends how sensitive are your teeth.

Recently I have gone through a laser teeth whitening treatment and it gave me positive results very effectively. So I think you can prefer it because best thing about laser treatment is that it doesn’t make your teeth sensitive after treatment.

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