Animals on Video

Tickles delight a little platypus.

Stephanie Arne gets a lot of joy out of hanging out in a pool with baby Asian short clawed otters.

Playing with a pet red fox named Loki

This seagull is a shoplifting junk food junkie.

Hold on! I’m just getting up.

An orangutan’s reaction to a magic trick.

Sometimes chickens need a little love too.

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Pulling a stuck yogurt cup off a skunk’s head isn’t easy. – lol

Firefighters rescue 6 ducklings.

Deer & Dog - Best Friends Forever

A turtle spooks a few cows. – lol

“Let’s feed the ducks they said. It’d be really nice they said.” – CONTENTbible

A Manakin bird tries to impress the ladies with his cool dance moves.

Asian carp: an invasive species of fish that are overpopulating the Illinois River right now

Shark Finning Cruelty

What you can do to help save orangutans.

A Boxfish

This seahorse is giving birth to hundreds of babies.

Olms (Slovenian Cave Dragons)