Animals need you.

I’m sorry for my bad English.

My name is Andrey. I am an ordinary person and I love all kinds of animals without exception. I’m enough successful entrepreneur, I have my little own company, which gives me a steady income.
I am a citizen of Russia, but 5 years I live not far from Donetsk (Ukraine). One and a half years we save the animals from the territory of Ukraine, where there is a war. There’s a lot of abandoned animals, because people were saving yourself first, and animals were thrown to themselves.

During the 1.5 years I and my assistants managed to help more than three hundred animals. I take abandoned animals with the mini zoos, animals that lived in the city and in the village. Then I take care of them, and find them a new home, I try to send these animals to zoos and farms on the peaceful territory of Ukraine and to Russians zoos. We saved from occupied territory and we found a decent home for 35 horses, 3 bears, 26 monkeys, a wide variety of birds (parrots, flamingos, pelicans, ostriches, peacocks), 2 crocodiles,iguanas,chameleons. Now we also have a lot of different animals such as 2 kangaroos,2 deer,camel,2 bears and even a small leopard,many raccoons,mouflon,2 llamas,Cameroonian goats,horses,parrots,guinea fowl,owl,eagle,4 iguanas. My family and 6 volunteers help me. I have a big house and a big garden land. Animals lives,of course,closely,but I try to quickly find a new home for them,so that those difficulties are temporary.

Neither the Ukrainian nor the Russian government does not help us in our business,as the animals were mostly from private zoos and farms,so the state does not provide any help to rescue these animals. But my income and savings,as well as the help of good people enough to provide adequate care to animals.

We tried to look for the owners of animals and refine them,whether they need or not their animal,they will take care of him or they threw him forever. We even do not have time to build a website or a group of social networking,as we are constantly busy with animals.
Why I decided to write to you. I was advised to my family and one of my volunteers to turn to the Internet community.The fact that we are faced with the following problem: a week ago we found and seized 2 abandoned llamas and mouflon and their rescue cost us 3000 dollars. We could not leave them,since the animals were left without any food or water and were near the place where the shooting war.
In general,export of animals is quite expensive,as there is a lawlessness and two warring parties ask money for everything you do. They can shoot the animals,if I do not pay them money.

According to our agreement,we will be able to transfer some birds and 4 large animals in the zoo only in mid-April,they aren’t ready to accept them earlier. Until that time,all the animals will be with us and we will take care of them.
I ask you for some financial help for these animals,we can not hold them in 2.5 months,without prejudice to their lives. My income is not enough to provide them with adequate care during this time. During this time we’re going to continue to save the other animals,and we will also take care of.

According to our calculations,to provide animals with proper care: food, warmth (in our winter temperature is now such that for some animals it is deadly,very cold) - we need financial assistance in $ 3,000.
I ask you to help us the amount that you will be able to help us. After all,these animals are not to blame for their owners left them. I believe that we are engaged in the necessary business and can not be indifferent when we have the opportunity to help animals.
We’ll be very grateful if you help us. I am writing to you our bitcoin address, Skrill, Paypal and our mail. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.
Bitcoin adress: 1BGrM7UTP61mNWJ1B2B96bCe961677Ns2u
Skrill and Paypal:
I believe that you love animals and you can help them. We are responsible for those who tamed. Thank you very much.