Animals: More Important?

Why is it that animals are more important to vegans than their children? They put animals before their kids. They sacrifice their children’s health for the animals’ well being.

It’s one thing to starve yourself for the sake of the animals. But to starve your children?

Have you been starved by your parents, is it common in your cultural environment to leave kids without dinner? It seems that your concern have root in what you endured during your childhood…

Nope, I eat just fine.

Then it is a strange assumption on your part that somebody will starve their kids.

I’m not a vegan. Being vegan is a way to starve yourself.

Would you like to explain how you arrived to this bright conclusion?

Vegans eat FRUIT and VEGETABLES. That’s it. That’s not enough.

Do you have some scientific data to back this statement up?

There you go again.

I don’t believe in “scientific data” which I’ve said numerous times.

I believe in what’s right and what makes sense.

Then how do you know what makes sense? A friend told you? :wink:

No, what makes sense just makes sense. Quit questioning everything, and stop trying to be so different. Just do what the other people are doing, and there’ll be no conflicts.

The only conflict here arises from you having a problem with vegetarians. :imp: Why don’t you learn to live and let live?

Let live? You’re starving yourself. But whatever

ehm… and what about:
Fats and Oils
Nuts and Seeds

Just click on these links to see how much there is to eat for vegans

Usually the problem is different… how to make children eat something nutritious? :slight_smile: Sometime I think that kids would happy live of candies only :slight_smile:

Um, no candy wouldn’t do it. They’d also need cake and ice cream and stuff.

But certainly not just fruits and vegetables.

There is vegan cake! I have a large tin under the box of vegan flapjacks! (Had a mad baking weekend…) not sure little kiddies should eat too much, though, it’ll still rot their teeth :wink: and my trousers are getting kinda tight again :smiley:

I had friends at school who’s parents would sneak healthy stuff into their treats: they would have fresh baked carrot cake (with actual carrot in!), oatmeal and raisin cookies, that kind of thing. I even know people who will blend/juice vegetables and sneak them into cottage pie and pasta sauces!

looOOOl Sneaking healthy food into tasty food :slight_smile:)))))))))))
that’s a great idea… but from the other perspective… when this kids will become adults they will buy the same food they are used to and it will not contain the healthy ingredients… I very often see adult people that have no idea of a balanced healthy diet… I’m not even talking about vegan diet.

You know what my granddad would say when he heard about spoiled children?
Send him to me for the summer and he will eat Everything I give him to eat.

:laughing: Your Grandad sounds great! :laughing:

Maybe there could be a pacifist, vegan version of the scouts or army cadets, where kids get sent off camping and learn to live off mushrooms and fruit and stuff?

I think you are probably right that kids should learn about being healthy. Maybe if kids get used to eating healthy food when they are very young, they won’t refuse to eat it later? I don’t know many kids…

Or maybe they’ll rebel :thefinger: some kids in my home town were never allowed to eat sweets, because their father was a dentist. As soon as they got out of the house, they went crazy and ate all the sweets they could find… :slight_smile:

So many peoples are becoming vegan. Vegan don’t have less to eat. Without animal-based food vegan will not starve. There are a lot of plant based food, supplements, ready to eat food products available in market.