Animal Rights Petition

For all those who are interested I started a petition on animal rights at There is a new feature called We The People that accepts any petition. It will go live and be searchable once the number of signatures hits 150. Please read, sign, and pass on.

Extend Animal Cruelty Laws to Factory Farm Animals

Every year in the U.S. approximately 10 billion farm animals are subject to
extensive suffering and inhumane living conditions in factory farms that no
animal kept as a pet would ever experience. This is primarily a result of
laws known as “Common Farming Exemptions”. These laws allow animals
raised for food to be given virtually no consideration in regards to the pain
and suffering they experience. Common conditions in factory farms include
debeaking of chickens without anesthesia, removal of piglets’ tails after
birth, chick culling (the killing of all male chicks shortly after birth in
the egg industry), extremely confining spaces, and of course the eventual
slaughter of the animal. It’s time to recognize that animals can suffer and
feel pain whether or not they are our pets.

Animals dont have any rights!!! They are born to be eaten and they dam sure taste good especially chicken with some bbq sauce. any comments you can find me on facebook :slight_smile: the name’s brittani rivera holland,mi24yrs 77 e 21st 49423. I Love me some meat :laughing:

There is an excellent petition and I hope many join because animals are brutally slaughtered and murdered. They have life like you and me. Just because they can’t talk or look like us doesn’t mean we have the right to kill them. Stop this holocaust. No more innocent blood split I beg you

Thank you for share. It is a information useful…

Great petition! Please also sign mine about the Yulin Dog-Eating Festival.

Great petition! Please also sign mine about the Yulin Dog-Eating Festival.

Why post this in a vegan forum? Why waste your time. You love meat because you’re too ignorant and close-minded to see what you’re really doing. Even if you take out the killing of animals aspect, you’re slowly killing yourself by eating animals.

Animals were not put here to be eaten. Human corruption has made this a thing. Plus, we have choices today and we don’t eat for survival. Keep eating your chicken with bbq sauce and watch yourself age faster than you should. Watch your body die slowly from eating one of the absolute worst and dirties meats on the planet, along with a sauce loaded with the number one killer in the world SUGAR.