Animal Rights in Israel

hey there to all the good vegan folks out there. :slight_smile:
I come bearing info about the animal rights activities that are going on in Israel.
I thought it would be nice and motivating for everyone to see more people getting active for the animals’ sake.
so first off, here’s the group I’m active in:

ALI (Animal Liberation Israel)-
we have regular info-stands, meat-outs, protests and such… feel free to check out our website. (and the pictures there too!)

another animal rights group in Israel is called Anonymous.
Their website:
they also do info stands and such.

And recent activities- we had a “Vegan Revolution” week which went well.
You can see pics here:

so that’s it, just wanted to share animal rights activities from Israel with you guys. keep on the good work!


Hi missferret, thank you for sharing.
Keep up the good work!