Animal Rights comic book series

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Last October my team crowdfunded our first issue of our comic book series, Murder. Murder is a sci-fi tale about domesticated animals linking together telepathically one species at a time. Only one human, The Butcher’s Butcher, can hear their thoughts. Now he and his partner, The Melanated Melody, must find a way to save both humans and non-humans from absolute ruin. Murder addresses so many vegan values, exposing hatcheries, dairies, rodeos, “humane” slaughter and much, much more.

Critically acclaimed within the comic book community, we are trying to bring animal rights and anti-speciesism to your average comic book reader. Jenn Marshall of Sirens of Sequantials says “To be honest, I am partially rooting for the animals to kill us all.” If you want to root for the animals, too, then check out our universal praise in the reviews (almost entirely by meat-eaters) at the bottom of our KickStarter page and consider sharing and pledging today!

Only 16 days to make your pledge! Check out our KickStarter here!

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