Animal rights and job dilemma

I work in an admin position within Higher Education in scotland, something I very much fell into but liked straight off. I have had a few roles in HE admin now and have enjoyed them all, but they have all been on a fairly low clerical level that does not stretch me. I always get glowing staff reviews etc, but that is, as my line manager is always telling me because I could do so much more. Prob is the institution in Scotland where I work is fairly small and so not many jobs come up, and when they do there is alot of competition, but because I like where I work and money isnt really an issue for me as I live at home I dont feel desperate enough to move to another institution to get a better job.

My specific dilemma now is that there is a job that has come up in my institution, that I could easily do, still in admin (course administration) but a much needed step up, but the department is a pharmacy deprtment, and I dont believe in animal testing of any kind. My friend is a pharmacist and said she did not do any dissections or animal experiments as part of her degree at another uni, but I worry that if I apply for this job (that I like the sound of) I will be a cog in the wheel somewhere of contributing to animal experimentation i.e. the dept trains pharmacists who then prescribe drugs which have at some point been tested on animals. Im also worried some lecturers in the dept may do research on animals (though I cant find much info to support this on the website one way or other and the secretary I emailed hasnt replied and Im running out of time for deadline). My friends think Im just lacking in confidence and looking for an excuse to be able to say the job isnt right, because Im scared of taking on this role, and I wonder if I am doing this?? Am I being ridiculous not going for this role just because somewhere in pharmacy animal experimentation does happen (and is somehing i cant prevent really if was in the job or not). I may have to wait ages for another job to come up that is relevant to my skills and I dont want to cheat myself… but also dont want to give myself a daily moral headache. If I love animals so much and am against vivisection can I work in admin in a pharmacy department?

I just hope you go vegan and reach a higher consciousness and be at peace with yourself. Take the job but work ten times harder in stopping