An ineffective thought harming vegan growth I had

I just had this thought:

What if we need some things we get in flesh/milk/dairy, something we can get from another source by for example providing words? I have a feeling this has to do with rationalization on drinking milk and Hare Krishna as well as other religion, pertaining to a post I made on Happy Cow.

Taking this further however; this would indicate that there may be slavery.
Considering further we may be an underworld relative to another place. Looking at mathematicians of ancient greece they produced math and used their entire lives on mathematics, seemingly not enjoying themselves a lot, I heard of these being mentioned as vegans somewhere (factcheck needed).

Furthermore I know Gurus to be taken from their families, often denied sex and casual socializing along with having their lives controlled with no freedom in terms of education and similar; thinking, communicating, spreading messages, gaining from following and so forth.

Typically these individuals end up extremely lonely or isolated, sometimes isolated in small groups of extremely similar people with no broad contact. Something that drains our collective quite a bit in such groups getting “disconnected” and a lot of energy necessary to divert to very few places. (No blaming, just describing a resource drain we have in life on this planet).

The thing is, this would mean, if there is indeed this slavery, that we can quite easily affect whatever realm/s may have been doing this to us; we have a lot of our thinking, words and similar in such spaces - again, if this is the case. We would be sort of like an underworld to such a place.

The idea:
No energy is lost in the universe.
If there is indeed such a need, then this would mean: “Provide some, get some”.
Being supported and sustained in a lifestyle without flesh in return for thinking in a manner providing value.

This to me seems as I said like rationalization, even though it is creepily convincing thus I do not want to share outside vegan forums

If you look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, it’s divided into 2 parts. Deficiency Needs and Growth needs.

If you follow the Maslow model, for any human being to reach the Growth phase, they have to have the basic deficiency needs fulfilled. Else there is a chance a person goes into depression and anxiety. So the great mathematicians and philosophers who gave up the deficiency need as their minds are coiled in such a way, went on to become successful.

So it’s all about controlling your deficiency needs. It has something to do with which side of your brain dominates your entire thinking. I haven’t read about it though. Will get back to you with more details.