Ahimsa (Non-Violence)

Ahimsa intro. Kind of violent.


Looks interesting. I especially like the part about the religion deriving its stories from the experiences of real people rather than those that have supposedly been experienced by mythological beings.

Me too. Perhaps they are not as well known worldwide, because that doesn’t lead to violent extremism. I read somewhere that Jainism is being integrated into more textbooks covering world religions lately. I didn’t learn of it until I had become a strict vegetarian on my own, and then looked into this being an aspect of other cultures, or spiritual practices. The Jain Declaration on Nature talks about its philosophy relative to vegatarianism and animal welfare, etc. Traditionally they have been said to consume milk, but also promote veganism these days, as well as harmony among other religions. There is more than one sect within this religion too, and they all got together and agreed on what could be considered their universal bible in modern times. There are a great number of books on the subject otherwise, including two encyclopedias in English, and two online (wikipedia & jainpedia). It seems to be a subject of ongoing scholarship for that matter, especially for its basis in non-violence.