Advice on going vegan with 1 year old son in BC, Canada?

Thanks alot Ellen. Saying that Food INC. was a Disney movie compared to Earthlings made me Google it. And guess what? The entire video is on Google movies. Greaaaat… went to bed with the sounds of screaming piglettes to help lul me into a restless sleep.

Now I need to say that the only reason I’m going ‘vegan’ is because finding cruelty free in Canada is next to impossible. I do, however, have a farm that I know of where the man simply collects his free range eggs and sells them for cheap, cheap, cheap to the locals. So I eat his eggs.

And if I can find a farm around here that raises animals nicely, treats them well and kills them as quickly and painlessly as possible, I will definately eat meat again.

So, my eventual plans are for cruelty free… for now, it’s vegan. And I don’t know where to start.

Gluten? Is that animals? Gelatin? Whey? What the hell am I supposed to eat?

I know margirane is apparently animal containing… bread as well?!

And the worst part is my son eats hotdogs, chicken, pizza pops, waffles… bread, buns. Everything a ‘regular’ child his age would eat. And NO veggies. He hates them. How am I supposed to get him to eat? WHAT can we eat?!

So my questions are basically, what to look for on a box of food. I’m aware being vegan is more vegetable based, but what pre-packaged foods can we eat? What words are code for “made from the screaming cows of America”?

I would love a general list, or link, to foods that are serious no-no’s… Google has done little for me in that aspect.

I’m going to do it slowly for my son but I’m… well, in my body… I don’t know. Selfish? I suppose… could be the word… I’ll do it slowly for him for his sake, but, for me… not so much.

My son is a huuuuge carb fan. Crackers, bread, waffles, pancakes. You name it, he loves it. What alternatives can I give him? He loves those fishy crackers, rice puffs, honey comb cereal.

Me on the other hand I’m not entirely worried about. Veggie burgers, veggie dogs, vegan waffles… I get it. But my son is the one I’m worried about.

So please. Links, advice, anything~!