ads for meat!!

Has anyone else noticed the google ads on this website for pork and beef?
That is not funny.

They probably appear with the threads that have lots of discussion about meat. Google keywords are simply a brainless system and it sometimes shows. Anyway, I haven’t even noticed that there are google ads on this site up to now. :wink:

Thanks for the info.
The ads are right under the banana…upper left corner.

the ads sistem a just programs that looks for key words so … read my avatar :slight_smile:))

No more banana :slight_smile: We have a different design for some time already

I stole the banana and forced it to clean my house :evil4:.

Sorry, I had way too much coffee today, and I am feeling wired.


Coffee?.. hm…
Like in Coffee Shop in Amsterdam? :smiley:

I wish! It was just coffee from Subway :laughing9:. Oh well, as long as it has caffeine, I don’t mind :smiley: .