I am having a moral dilemma from hell, and I’d really like some input from some fellow vegans.
I am vegan, obviously, or I wouldn’t be here. And I am pregnant, judging by my topic.

To give you an idea of where I’m coming from and where I stand. I’m a 25 year old woman, graduating with my bachelors degree next spring in social science, getting married in august, and going straight to grad school for my masters in social work. My lovely fiance is also vegan, but is more concrete in his opinions surrounding abortion. I on the other hand am not. We are both vegan, and both atheist. Therefore religion has no hand in this. For me the problem is with theory. I am aware of the arguments incorporating abortion issues with animal rights. But my dilemma is that we are ALL animals, that we all fall under those rights, including that I don’t believe in the death penalty. Does life not begin when there is a heart beat and it had a central nervous system in which to feel?

My education being compromised is not an issue. I am just unsure as to where I stand here, “if I’m ready,” as this isn’t exactly the most impeccable timing. My fiance stands firm in that he is not ready. At all. His opinion counts just as much as mine, as were in this together.

I just really have never decided if this was an issue I backed or not. Now I’m being forced to very quickly decide if this is something I support or not. I would just really appreciate any input, and if you do have a concrete opinion, what is it, how did you get to it… etc.

Michele Nancy

My reply would be no dear. But wants to know what decision you have taken.

That’s quite a dilemma Nancy. I would simply consider the future. I had my kids when I was very young. They are grown up and I am very proud of them. I can now enjoy my grandchild and my life while I am still relatively young. (46). Having the boys while I was young has worked out splendidly for us. It was very hard juggling a professional career and raising kids but we did it.

I think you should try to make the choice on your own and make your partner to respect it. Just rely on your judgements.

I’m not convinced that there is any reason to think that a fetus can feel pain or has any real sense of awareness before 20 weeks. I would investigate some scholarly articles on the subject.