A Warning to Salmon-eaters!!!

AquaBounty has been given the go-ahead to produce genetically engineered Atlantic salmon eggs in Canada. The company then plans to ship the eggs to Panama and let them grow there. When the Frankenfish are ready for market, AquaBounty hopes to sell their product to consumers in the US.

For more info about this, check out: www.cban.ca/fish

Also check out:

www.rcinet.ca/en/2016/11/08/another-set … gm-salmon/

If these GM salmon ever escaped into the wild, they could potentially wipe out native species that are already part of an existing marine ecosystem, couldn’t they? Thankyou for informing us about this, CoffeehousePoet.

Check out: www.cban.ca/?s=ge+salmon

Whaat genetically engineered? :imp: