A very new vegan (who is still figuring stuff out)

Hi everyone.

I became vegan because on my quest to find the optimal diet, I decided that I should try sugar-free, processed food-free vegan for a month. That was January of this year. It was so easy, so much fun, and I felt so good that I just decided to stay with it. After that, I realized that I did have an amount of guilt and sorrow over eating animals, and it’s really nice to have that relieved.

Currently, I’m looking at the non-food aspect of veganism, and realizing that for other reasons (primarily environmental concern and care for my health), most of my products are accidentally vegan, or were bought second hand. So that’s where I am now; trying to find what’s left that isn’t vegan, and what I’m going to do about it once I use those items up or wear them out.

Speaking of which, anybody have a favorite DHA and EPA supplement brand? Thanks!

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