A Thread about Vegetarianism on a Latin Forum

Hey, guys!
Has anybody else here tried to spread the vegan message on the Internet forums about classics? I think you are more likely to convince people there than elsewhere on the Internet, since people there tend to be more reasonable. So, I’ve written an essay about vegetarianism (let’s face it, somebody who is not already a vegetarian is unlikely to be convinced to go vegan) in Latin and posted it here. I’ve received a few responses, mostly correcting my grammar. So, here is that essay, including those corrections:

So, what do you think about that essay? If you think it’s good, feel free to copy from me, modify it (if you think you can do better), and repost it on some other forum about classics. And please tell me here about your experience then.

I’ve also made a video about vegetarianism in Latin, you can (I hope) see it here: