A shout out from a Long Island NY vegan/macrobiotic

OK…kind of cross posting being I posted the bottom part of this post in the RULES thread so if you already read this…my apologies… :blush:

Just thought I’d check out the rules being I was tossed from Veganforum after a mere couple of weeks with no warning. Very odd and classless IMHO. I honestly didn’t believe I broke any rules and wrote to
the address they give to discuss it. I was given no reply to my email. Even if they allowed me in at this point I wouldn’t waste my time to a classless bunch like the people that run that forum.
To not even respond to a well written explanation I sent I find incredibly inappropriate and rude but life goes on doesn’t it : )

I’ve been vegan for many many years as well as macrobiotic.
anyway…hopeI have better luck here
andy in NY