A quick question about this forum

Why is the spiritually mismatched forum only for women?

Please forgive me if it’s an obvious answer; I’ve been away for over a year and just now returned in the last couple of weeks. Still trying to make up my mind whether to stay or not.

But what about the men with unbelieving wives? Why are they excluded from this forum? I come back and there’s all this gender-hatred and exclusion going on here to an extent that this forum never used to have. Where are the mismatched men supposed to post?

Perhaps I shouldn’t be posting here, as I am no longer a mismatched spouse, but I was hoping one or two of you would remember me from before. The last time I was on these boards I sort of was mismatched; my husband had regressed to his agnostic roots. He has since returned to the Lord praise God so I won’t post here if y’all don’t want me to… I’m just wondering about ALL the changes since I was here at FL last.


I’m very confused!

I didn’t think this was a forum for the spiritually mismatched! I thought most people on here were men! And I don’t think there’s any gender hatred here.

I think you might be referring to one or two of my posts? I sometimes talk about female examples because that’s what I know. But the issues are relevant to everybody: regardless of gender or marital staus.

I also feel that some of the philosophical topics here address men but have not fully considered women. Such as Sushil Yadev’s excellent posts! They referred at one point to men doing manual work in the past, but did not consider the types of work women did traditionally. I am seeeking to redress that balance, and hopefully provoke some thought. :slight_smile:

Since I don’t have a spouse, maybe I shouldn’t be posting either…?! :laughing: