A Possible Natural Cure for Depression

A nutrition expert, featured in the documentary film FOODMATTERS, suggests taking 3,000 mgs of niacin daily to treat depression and alcoholism. More, if needed. Check out: FOODMATTERS.tv

Make yourself go for a walk each day, Eat well such as fresh veg, fresh fruit, fish and chicken. Stay off to alcohol, its a well known mood depressant. Stay close to friends and family, try to look for something new that you enjoy doing, (apart from drinking). By time you will get back to normal and the depression ought to lift. Best of luck!!

I’m sure that, if I was depressed, a walk would do me good, GarrettHnatiuk, but I was really talking about those who suffer chronically from this condition. You see, those people are often prescribed medication. Since I believe that all drugs are toxic, I used my prior post to suggest that they try niacin instead. Niacin is a natural vitamin and taking 3,000 mgs or more of it daily has helped many of those who do suffer chronically from depression. I also believe that this is a serious condition for some people and it shouldn’t be taken lightly by those of us who don’t understand it.

It is all about the imbalance of chemicals in your brain. Might be caused purely by your diet/exercise or even lack thereof-- I’ve known other peoples who had gotten better for only a couple months of depression and i have known people who have been stressed out for as long as they can remember plus they take lots of drugs however rarely find one that works. A few depression will go on its own along with other bouts need a bit of a drive with drugs/therapy.

Depressive moods often interfere with normal functioning and cause pain and suffering not only patients but also their families. In our time there are medications and psychosocial therapies to relieve this pain.