A new vegan ice cream in an unlikely place

Ive been searching for a great tasting vegan ice cream lately - hard to come by without the soy aftertaste… and found it in an unlikely, and slightly upsetting place - doggie ice cream.
The website claims its all-natural and holistic; no dairy, no sugar. But it does taste great - I ordered the pumpkin flavor in lieu of Autumn approaching. Im not an expert, but it’s sugar-free… so does this make it okay for diabetics too? Check it out www.dogsicecream.com

Heh Cool!
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Hello Angels!

The Bliss Bar offers a product called “Bliss Shakes” - when chilled and whipped they make an excellent vegan ice cream. Add toppings to it and make it a sundae! We will soon be posting some new recipes on how to make our Bliss Sundaes - the product labels have the instructions printed right on it - check out Bliss Shakes at theblissbar.org

The Bliss Bar

Did anyone try any ice cream by “Wheeler’s Black Label Vegan Ice Cream Company” ?
Does it taste like a non vegan ice cream?