A little disturbing?

Does nobody else find the title of this section a bit disturbing? I don’t really think it’s polite to go around trying to talk everyone into becoming vegetarian. Sure a vegetarian society would be great, but everyone has their own beliefs. I think that going around trying to “convert” everyone is no better than religious folks taking over small countries and forcing them to give up their god for the “better way”. You can’t tell anyone else how to think… we’re all entitled to our own opinions and beliefs.

My 2 cents.


Jezebel - I definitely agree with you.

Ok…I guess that’s all I have to say.



I didn’t mean to put knife on somebody’s neck and force him to become vegetarian :slight_smile:

All I was thinking about is advanced PR methods, which we may oppose to those big companies who are bombing us every day with sophisticated PR.

Jezebel, if you have any idea of less disturbing name for this forum, I’ll be glad to hear you. (I’m not native English speaker, so name I selected may be not the best)

To not be vegan is ti NOT really be alive… think about it (for perspective)

That said i did not take what the OP was doing anymore than constructive in the right direction…

If they found out that ANIMAL PRODUCTS harmed the DNA of humans if overexposed like people do through eating animal products, would that convince people?
What if people on other planets were being eaten for the same reasons people eat chickens here, would that convince people?

Something has to break thru inthe convincing way, right? What is it that will break thru?

Is it the same title we are talking about here? How to build a vegan world? I think it’s a fab title and not disturbing in the slightest for 2 reason.

The first is that I associate veganism with deep compassion, respect and understanding of other species by humans. Who knows how the world would change if this happened…we may even respect each other more. Who wouldn’t want that?

My second reason is that I’m currently trying to build my own vegan world. Just mine. Not anyone else’s, yet.

I wonder what was so disturbing?


Jezebel…I think your question is a relevant one and something we all have to deal with…how do we be ourselves without challenging and upsetting other people with our views? How to be polite and respectful when we have the knowledge we do about animal suffering? I don’t have any answers but I respect the question.

Meateatereater…what’s an alpha problem? I’m very interested to find out. :smiley: