A Film Donald Trump Should See

Many times, during his election campaign, Donald Trump insulted the Mexican people who currently inhabit the US. This man clearly has no idea where food comes from. I mean, he should be thanking them. You see, many Mexicans work extremely hard as migrant workers on agricultural farms all across America. If it wasn’t for them, then there would be a lot of families, both in Canada and the US, who would have trouble putting enough food on their table. Many of these Mexican laborers and their families live in dire poverty. They don’t deserve to be dissed by this ego-maniac who is now the US President-elect. They do, however, deserve fairer wages.

Mr. Trump, you should watch a film entitled “FOOD CHAIN$.” Then, if you’ve got a heart at all, you should offer the Mexican people a sincere apology.

Anyway, for more info on this film, check out: foodchainsfilm.com/