3D artist - modeler and animator.

I’m a freelance 3D artist.


[b]* Digital 3D artist, modeler, animator[/b]
  Particular interest in organic modeling, human modeling, character animation.


[b]* CydoFX - full-time employee[/b]
      o Production artist - Created 3D animations and effects for video.
        (XSI, After effects, Photoshop)

[b]* RivaDigital - freelance[/b]
      o Production artist - Created 3D animations and effects for video.
        (3ds Max, Maya, After Effects, Photoshop)

[b]* Imaginations - full-time employee[/b]
      o Character animation - Developed animations for ingame characters, and cinematics. (3ds Max, Maya)
      o Character modeling - created low poly character models for real time games, and high definition models for cinematics. (3ds Max, Maya)
      o Technical assistance - worked together with programers on bug fixing in ingame 3d content. Experience with "Torque" game engine.

[b]* BladeMistress.com - freelance[/b]
      o 3D animation - developed all ingame character animations.
      o 3D models - Created low poly character and environment models. Designed the game interface.
      o Website graphics - Designed the website.

[b]* Light Cube technologies - freelance[/b]
      o Real time modeling and texturing for online games

[b]* web3Dservice[/b]
      o 3D artist - Developed 3D models and animations. Supervized other 3D artists.
      o Website design
      o Flash animations

[b]* Invent - freelance[/b]
      o Multimedia, Flash & Website Design - animated e-cards, flash intros, and web sites.

[b]* Edifecs Commerce - full-time employee[/b]
      o Web & Graphic design - html, asp, user interface design. Everything related to e-commerce and corporate web sites.

[b]* Fox Fusion - freelance[/b]
      o Flash animation
      o Web design

[b]* Gothic Games - freelance[/b]
      o 3D environmental sprites for an RPG game

[size=150]Qualifications - software expertise[/size]

[b]* 3D Modeling | Animation | Rendering |[/b]
      o 3D Studio MAX
      o Alias|Wavefront Maya
      o XSI
      o ZBrush
      o Macromedia Flash

[b]* Nonlinear Editing | Special effects[/b]
      o Adobe After Effects
      o Adobe Premiere
      o Digital Fusion

[b]* Design | Paint | Illustration | Web-Design[/b]
      o Adobe PhotoShop
      o Adobe Illustrator
      o Deep Paint
      o Macromedia Freehand
      o Macromedia Fireworks
      o Macromedia Flash
      o Macromedia Dreamweaver

[b]* Web design[/b]
      o HTML
      o CSS
      o Java Script

Here are some portfolio examples:
Integration of rendered 3D with a real photo:

Facial modeling:

High poly character modeling and animation:

Texturing Example, model done by Bartosh Opatovietzki, texturing and rendering is mine:

Low polygonal modeling example:

Here is my full online portfolio:

Hello Andy

Would you like to get in on the ground floor in a new adventure game company?
We are a new, small gaming company dedicated to creating fun, educational, non-violent adventure games for children of all ages. We are called Jumpng Bean Studios.
Our Website

We are an international team of skilled artists, 3D modelers, writers, musicians and computer programmers who are presently seeking a talented 3D character animator.

We are looking for an animator who can do Veggietale quality work- no arms or legs, just bouncing, lip sync and emotional expression. If you are not familiar with Veggietales just go to this site and play the movie clips.


For the right person we are willing to offer them a percentage of the profits in the company as an equal partner. But far more important than the money, we are looking for someone who enjoys the work. This is not a full time or even a part time job, but should be appoached as a hobby and a way to express your creativity and work with others to produce a product that you can believe in.

We are all hoping that our work will be well received and that we will be able to all do this full time one day.

Andy it seems clear that you probably have the talent we are looking for. If you are interested in learning more please email me at futographer@cox.net.

I would like to see maybe some short avi’s of some of your best work.

Thank you for your attention…


Patrick Ellis
Artistic Director
Jumping Bean Studios

Hello Futo… if you only knew how many companies did offer me similar opportunities… :slight_smile:

OK so you are a new company… did you make any games yet? How do I know that your current team is capable of finishing a game…
I had experience of working in projects on which millions of dolars were spent and the game was never published…
BTW how many of you guys are vegetarians? :slight_smile:

Hi Andy
Very fair questions. Yes we are presently finishing up our first game. We are adding the music and sound effects now and computer programming and it is scheduled to be released on July 1st after being beta tested.

If you will email me at futographer@cox.net I will be happy to send you images. It is because we are finishing one now that I believe that we can finish another.

We made this game with no financial investment except to purchase the program we are creating it on called Adventure Maker.

We will be marketing products on our new web site to rise the few thousand necessary to produce the next game- mostly DVD burning and marketing costs. We are not getting the game “published” we are going to market it oursleves on our own website.

With word of mouth for those reviewing it and other sources we plan on having a lot of hits. In time, we will be selling our work on a retail basis.

Actually we are not a vegetarian group, so I really don’t know how many of us are. I found your resume with a web search.

If you are still interested, email me and I will give you more details.

Thanks for your interest

Patrick Ellis
Artistic Director
Jumping Bean Studios

Here is an update to my portfolio:
A low poly minotaur modeled and textured by me.

HEY! VeggieTales are totally cool!!! :laughing:

Hallo! I’m Bob the Tomato! :bounce:

Ahhh… my childhood days are now being relived through my younger sister who has just discovered the joys of Silly Songs With Larry (the Cucumber…).

:colors: From Jana~

Amazing 3D effect, Animation has one of the big industries, nowadays we can see special effects on Television very often. The 3D technology has been improved a lot.