3 year low in the stock markets, time to buy.

3 year low in the stock markets, time to buy.
You know all that has to happen to boost this economy for awhile is if the goddam fed chairman would wait one fucking month without raising rates.
Hell if inflation rears up he could move .5 basis points. but he should try leaving it alone for one month…
That seems the logical answer.
Just one month
See what happens.

Gregory124, he will raise it .25

Gregory124…25 what?

To say we see signs of the ecoomy possibly (Not Possibly) slowing, we also worry about inflation. Well yeah but if you over raise you will get a slowed economy.


Self fullfilling prophecy… A little wait see for a month cant hurt that much. I cant see what one months difference could make.

So u say the fedsa should raise the value of the $ by .25?

The smart money is about 65 35 he will raise it, I am not convinced since he gave mixed signals, I think he is overeacting and should just wait one month and see what happens. A little prudence might be wise.

It would be ok
Unnless we got another great depression

Well there is a silver lining in this cloud, Guynn (One of the central bank members) said they are close to ending interest rate hikes…if they raise this one it they may also say this might be it for awhile.
In fact he implies that there could be a reduction of rates if things move quickly the other direction
SO thats some good news.
Guynn said the Fed is forecasting for growth to moderate and for inflation to fall back within acceptable bounds. If the central bank is on target with its projection, “I would say that monetary policy is now close to where it should be.”