3 wild fish a year?

i’ve been steadfast on a vegan diet for the last 5 years. however, mother nature and i had a big talk… we have an agreement.
since i am so diligent in my vegan diet, i’ve earned the privelege of eating wild fish once a month.
she agrees with my sentiment, and my principal in the matter.

i thought i’d share this change to my diet and pose the question.
Am i no longer a vegan, if i eat a few wild fish a year? am i 0 or 98 percent of the way to veganism?

immediately one would conclude that techincally i would no longer be. i would be a pesco vegetarian. or pescetarian…

i feel it would place me into a much more diverse group than that of a vegan… thoughts anyone?

haha. another idea i had when i was in the process of this vegan venture, was that if one were to eat seafood, and no meat or dairy, they would in turn be a “seagan”…


Why you became vegan in the first place? I for example had ethical reasons.

many reasons. ethical being one. i suppose i have embraced the role of a symbolic or representing figure as to the diet i feel the mass population of this planet should assume. me eating a few fish a year may distort my representation, and thus render me a hypocrite. i guess the most concise question i have is… am i?

It depends, for example you can’t say that “I have not eaten meat for x numbers of years” if you recently tried a fish. But if you can’t live without that fish I think it’s better than going back to meat-eating.

i can live without that fish. to me that is the greatest premise of veganism. when i camp, or hike, and i catch fish in the lake or river, i eat it. other than that, in the polluted, decaying city, i eat only plants. i just find it difficult to watch others eat the animals i respect and would respect if i ate them MODERATELY.

There are a lot of material about meat eaters survival, have you tried to find out about vegan wild survival/camping in your area? I’ve recently found that there are a lot of edible plants/mushrooms in the woods here were I live.

As far as health reasons are concerned, fish is healthy. I myself enjoy grilled escolar a couple of times a year at the Fresh Fish Company in Denver.

But for day to day eating, I avoid fish anymore.

Anyone who eats fish isn’t vegan.
They’re pescatarian.

As you’re posting about eating fish on a vegan forum, you might want to include an actual reason for eating fish beyond that of:

“I haven’t done that for years, so that must give me the right to do it.” Which for the record makes no sense and is a fucking retarded statement to make on a forum.

I agreed to this post. For me as long as you don’t tortured animal and eat tortured animals. But I think eating fish is not that bad but please don’t to much they have life too.