3 months and happy

i started by reading the skinny basterd and was not totaly scared at that point. thats when i went 100% organic and for the first time losing weight. my heavyest was 305 on a 5’-10" frame. i was touing with becoming vegetarian this past summer when my nephews came to the family vacation and. him and his girlfriend are vegetarians and i was eating organic which was hard for me as i was 48 ans a life time of eating meat and pasta. i was even one of those who use to eat a raw ground beef sandwich!
i was in the check out line and saw bob harper on the cover of vegienews, so i got a copy. in there he talked about the book “the China Study” well got it and read it. the more i read the more i could not put it down. wow that opened my eyes and have not eaten meat, dairy since the end of jan.
since that i am down to 275 and tons of engery and feal so much better. i am losing it so fast i have to go out and buy new clothes and a new belt which was on the first hole and now on the last one now. i had the best thing said to me i need to but new pants and a belt. because they are tired of me always pulling up my pants!!!