2 months vegan and soo bloated!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!

This is soo frustrating!!! I became vegan On Jan 1st 2012,after been vegetarian for a yr, then back to meat and now vegan. I have done 4 coffee enemas in a period of 2 months and im sooo gassy is not even funny!!! They stink like i ate a big chunk of pork!
Not sure if maybe im allergic to peanut butter(i eat a lot of this every day) or lentils.
is frustrating bc i want to feel light and im disgusted with myself. I been juicing veggies on and off and working out 4 to 5 days a week.

my daily food intake is:
oatmeal with flax seed and 2 toast with organic p.butter & jelly
2 to 3 glasses of carrot and veggies juice
cook lentils with quinoa, avocado and salad
some fruits in the mid day
and for dinner oats again.
fir my cravings i do spoons of p.butter and 2 days a week organic popcorn with unrefine coconut oil or organic chips and homemade organic salsa.

What the heck am i doing wrong???
any advise???

Are you drinking enough water? At least 5 glasses (8 oz/ea) a day!!!
And it could be the lentils causing gas; maybe they aren’t cooked enough.
You seem to have a lot of fiber in your diet, and that could be part of the problem, too.
And don’t you find all those oats boring?
Since you enjoy veggies, how about some stir-fried with rice or maybe quinoa pilaf.
Congratulations on going vegan!

Lol, I laughed at good deal at this post. I have a strong sence of bathroom humor.

But being gassy on a vegan diet is the nature of the beast for many people. Or even an omnivore who eats lost of produce, legumes,and whole grains.

Um, your diet seems pretty low in calories. There’s no need to starve yourself, even if you may need to lose weight. Perhaps some of that gas comes from an empty stomach! Moreover, ya don’t need enemas. The fiber in your diet will sweep your colon well enough.