110 veggie celebs - help me 2 share

Hi there! I’m a veggie since 23+ years now and these days I created a video, featuring a big number of celebs who are already vegetarians/vegans. Why? I think, many peoples first need “role models” to start thinking. Especially when it is about changing the whole lifestyle. Still, it is one of the most effective ways.

So I’ve put 110 celebs into this video and I’m sure, even an insider of our movement will be surprised to see some very “famous” faces there, he never would believe they are veggies! :astonished: :smiley:

Please help me to spread the video, since every single person, who “switches” over to be a veggies means it will have already saved thousands of animals’ lives.

Thanx a lot!
(Sry for my bad English, still practicing… :wink: )