Zeep Soap : March Update : New Website!

Hello everyone!
Some of you may have noticed that last week our website crashed. We scrambled to come up with something on our own so the site wouldn’t be down very long. We’re very happy with the results of our first creation! The new site has a slew of cool features like:

  • Newsletter signup
  • Credit card payment option
  • Personal account
  • Customer reviews for products
  • Ability to offer multiple bundle deals! (We’ll be adding new ones randomly, keep checking back)
  • A page for our bi-monthly mixtape

Since the site just went live, technical issues might arise. If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions please get in touch.

Product Updates

We wanted to mention a sprucing up on the shampoo front! We’ve now begun infusing Nettle Leaf and Horsetail into the water phase of the shampoo recipe. The natural occurrence of silica in Horsetail adds to the cleaning power of the shampoo and Nettle Leaf lends an amazing shine to the hair. We hope you enjoy this extra boost to the shampoo!

Toothpaste is currently out of stock. All flavors sold out a few weeks back and we decided we will re-work this recipe before making it available again. Ideally we want to offer this in a squeeze out tube and remove the need for stirring the product before use. More updates coming soon.

New Products on the Way

Deodorant is coming along well and we currently have 5 different versions out among friend being “field tested”. Once we decide on a dispenser and feel confident on the scents, this new item will be ready to launch! We are aiming for an early summer deadline.

That’s all we have this time around. Thanks for all the support! Bring on the spring weather!

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Oh and in celebration of the launch (and because it’s fun using all these new features) I just put all soap on sale for $1 off the regular price (both large and small bars)

Last day for soap sale!