would any veggies want to live at my place?

I am looking for veggies to live at my place rent free but to do work and responsiblities. I do not have a farm with crops and I do not have a lot of work to do. I am not looking for slaves. It would be good for the right people. If anyone is interested in this please email me at nonews@safe-mail.net. It is 20 acres, mostly woods with wildlife. The squirrels wake you up and say feed me and the woodpicker also. They need some warm water on a cold day and cool water on a hot day. If you will help this place will not fall into the wrong hands.
They need you. This place is in Missouri.

That is quite an interesting offer!
Can you write some more details about the place please?
Thank you.

What kind of work is required?

More details are still welcome

waiting for details …