Why Safety Training is Important ?

There are many safety-training courses provided by training institutions, but depending on the industry and the type of health concerns the employees face, the training module will change. Some of the most coveted training courses are provided by NEBOSH. NEBOSH International Diploma Courses are universally accepted. However, Fire and Safety Courses are popping up in every corner of our cities, the most valued among them is the one recognised by NEBOSH. The construction Workers and the Oil/Gas refinery workers are prone to accidents. NEBOSH Certified Courses on Oil and Gas Safety, and Certified Course on Constructional Safety are designed to be useful for the health and safety needs of the respective work conditions.
OSHA is a standard set by United States Department of Labour that offers recognition for health and safety training programmes worldwide. A few esteemed organizations offer OSHA recognised safety courses in India. IOSH is the world’s most reputed health and safety organisation. IOSH relentlessly work for creating a safe and healthy workplace, there by letting no room for a workplace disaster of any kind. IOSH is the world’s first safety organisation to get the NGO status approved by International Labour Organisation.

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Every year many people loss their life or they get seriously injured in accidents. The health risk can happen anywhere whether its home or workplace, its very common problem. To avoid such cases, its necessary to train people about the health and safety which will help them to reduce the likelihood of accidents. In such emergency situations, most of people gets panic because they have no idea about it. But with the proper training and complete information anybody can act and respond to the situation calmly and also able to provide first aid to anyone who is injured.

Health and safety training should be made mandatory for everyone, specially those who work in dangerous workplace like construction sites.

The recurrences of the most common accidents within a working environment are constantly monitored and there is a range of common accidents and injuries which occur across all occupational sectors. Invariably, year in - year out, trips and falls are at the top of the table which ever occupation you are in is.

Statistics from 2007/08 suggested that accidents described as slips or trips accounted for almost four out of every 10 major workplace injuries. In a similar national survey statistics for the same time period showed that the most common ‘over-three-day injury’ was caused by handling, lifting or carrying

A devastating 34 million work days were lost because of workplace-related accident or illness. Of these, 6 million were due to injuries within the workplace while 28 million were ‘work-related’ ill health days. Again, the most commonly cited workplace hazards involved in accidents/illness were manual handling, sitting for long periods and the handling of harmful substances.

Some famous recourse for getting training is IOSH, SHEIlds etc