Why go vegan?

Umm, why would you want to? Seams stuipid unless it’s for medical or you just don’t like the taste.

I’ll give you a hint.
Pick up something which you can say about yourself.
For example - you eat (no matter what).
Ask yourself why you do this and try to answer.

So you think it is correct to do everything you may like?


Does it mean it’s ok when someone rapes a child, just because he likes doing it?


Carefully read your previous question one more time. It is ok for that person since he is doing it.

Yeah, and it defenitly is not OK for the child and his parents.

This is true as well.

AndyBa, why do you have to use examples for everything…?

I bet you sit there for hours brainstorming good examples.

You sit there all day probably thinking up things to put on here.

Yet you are on a vegan forum but despise vegans… :confused1:
At least AndyBa makes intelligent arguments and always has something worthwhile to say.

Guys, nobody’s going to hell if he stops being vegan. And nobody’s going to heaven if he makes someone else stop being vegan. So please stop pestering eachother because this is hilarious :slight_smile:

LoooOOOooL. :laughing:
Good point!!

I’ll stop pestering MomoPeach…if you give me a cookie :tongue3:.

You have to admit, AndyBa puts forth a great arguement.

So you admit you were doing it on purpose :stuck_out_tongue:

If I just had the all day to put things on here… there would be 100 times as many messages written by me :slight_smile:

lunarflowermaiden, :laughing: what kind of cookies do you like? :smiley:

Meh, guilty as charged - she’s such great target practice! I’ve actually learned a few facts posting replies to MomoPeach :slight_smile:

Now can I have a cookie too? Pistachio or raisin please :smiley:

Peanut butter cookies are my fav. I am a peanut butter addict :slight_smile:. BigBecka, of course you can have a cookie! I love pistachio and raisin cookies, as well :smiley:.

I too like peanut butter :slight_smile: I can eat a small pot in one day :slight_smile:
Did you try it with celery and raisins?
But who would give me a cookie if I stop pestering MomoPeach? :smiley: