Why do i gain weight at the back of my hips!

[color=indigo][size=150]why do i gain weight around the back of my hips. I am under weight by a few pounds and the rest of my body looks skinny except my hips where all my fat is stored! does anyone know why i might gain it there?
could it be to do with what i am eating!
or maybe the time i eat…i eat more often at night and then sleep could that be a reason to why it is beeing stored there and no where else!
Thank you for your time[/size] :drunken: :astonished:

I gain weight everywhere! :laughing: LOL!

Sorry for being insensitive :unamused: I read on your other post that you’re an artist? If you work sitting down, that might be the problem (I used to be really pear shaped! People kept asking me when the baby was due!) Maybe doing some sit-ups or yoga, that would exercise that part of the body, would help?

I’ve heard that eating after 6pm causes you to gain weight. I don’t know how true this is. But my friends march me past kebab shops, and don’t let me in the kitchen in the evening… :cry:

I’ve also heard that sugary drinks (cola, etc.) causes unusual weight gain, like when girls have a great figure, but secretly have chubby, cullulite-ridden thighs or bottom…

Just a few thoughts… I don’t want to encourage you to cut out food if you’re underweight! Have a massive smoothie from me :smiley: And let me know if this is any help!

Nefrit, I believe it may be linked with your physical activity during the day.

Is this fats? If it is, There are so much to consider… We both have asked the same questions several times.
This might be from the food we eat, processed foods, salty foods, caffeine, alcohol, as well as junk foods and foods with great amounts of chemical additives has been linked to accumulation of toxins in various parts of the body. As a result, some toxins get stored in fatty tissues and cause the occurrence of cellulite. Another reason might also be hereditary. Or even by hormones.