Which one is the real victim?

A friend of mine who works for the local courts told me about an incident that happened a few months ago. While it was in the newspaper, it did not identify the perpetrator, nor the full details of what happened (for obvious reasons.

A man (who apparently weighed almost 400lbs) who had a history of zoophilia (performing sexual acts on animals) stole a nanny goat from a neighbor’s farm, and tied it in a small stall he built in his barn. He had built a gate at either end of the stall, and strung barbed wire around the entire top of the stall. The goat was prevented from even lying down because of it’s being tied. For several days he would go to the stall, remove all of his clothing, and beat the goat. He attempted to sodomize it, but because of his obesity, he was unable to do so. He would then become increasingly angry and frustrated, and would beat the goat even more. He did not feed the goat for almost three days. He had set up a video camera to record everything he did, which he intended to then distribute on sex with animals websites.

On the third day, he again went to the stall, removed his clothes, and went into the stall and stood in front of the goat. He got himself erect, covered his penis with honey, and then enticed the goat into licking his penis. As he became more aroused, he forced his entire penis into the goat’s mouth, and just as he was about to … finish, the goat bit down on his penis.
He was unable to pull his penis from the goat’s mouth, and he reached behind him with both hands in an attempt to unlatch the gate, but his arms became entangled in the barbed wire. He was thus stuck there with both his arms trapped behind him. After several minutes, the goat actually managed to remove his penis. I know that goats have very strong molars at the back of their mouth, so it must have essentially chewed it off.

Fortunately for the man, the woman who owned the goat had actually come to see if he had seen the goat, and heard the screams from the barn. She found the man still tangled in the barbed wire, and she called EMS. He survived, but his penis had been completely eaten off, and there was no way to reattach it.

What really angers me is that the goat was put down as a result of this incident. The man was charged and indefinitely institutionalized, but I think it grossly unfair that the goat was destroyed for doing nothing more than following it’s instincts.

My friend saw the video (she obviously couldn’t tell me the name of the man involved), and said it was actually more disturbing to see how he treated the goat, than it was to watch what happened to him.

I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but I don’t feel sorry for him at all! I personally think he deserved it for what he was doing! I think the goat is the real victim here.

I agree. Anyone who sticks their dick in something without permission deserves to have it chewed off.