Where should I get my proteins?

I hear everyone stating that vegans do not get enough of proteins. well, it’s not that I’m too much into that thing, but what are the main suggestions on getting more protein into my vegan diet?

I hear this all the time over and over and whenever I meet someone and they discover I am vegan, the first question is always somehow “Where do you get your protein?”

There are many many different foods to get protein from, and whole proteins as well
Some of my favorite are :

All leafy greens and other vegetables have protein in them (Especially broccoli, kale and many others)
Brown Rice
Soy (Including Tofu, Soy milk, whole soybeans, Soy cheeses, Soy Yogurt)
Almond Milk/Coconut Milk
Beans, Lentils and legumes

And the list goes on. It’s not hard to get your protein as long as you know what foods contain it. All the foods I listed are fairly high in protein so as long as you have atleast 3 of those you should be set for a day. Vegetable based protein bars are always an option if you’re in a hurry

Hope this helps

Yes, the list was really helpful. Thanks.