When Veggies and Omnis procreate

Actually, it’s not easy at all is it? What about school dinners, parties and all the other things kids do.

I need to think about this one some more. Especially as I would love to have a child some time soon.

I’m a long time vegetarian turned vegan, married to an omni, and we have 2 children.

Our home is shared, so there are no rules about no meat in the house or anything like that (although, there are some rules about where it can be cooked…and in/on what…). But we’re serving a variety of diets here.

As for your partner being vegan - I think you’re right, you don’t want to bypass the love of your life because they happen to eat meat. Altho…I must admit, it would be really really really nice to share that value. Really. Or at least a partner who could embrace your choices and participate/support and maybe even enjoy it! That’s important.

While my husband tries to make sure I’m accommodated (ie, if we’re going out he’ll consider whether or not there will be anything there for me to eat), he doesn’t participate in it, willingly, and that part irks me. Similarly, my brother is trying to eat vegan 2 meals a day, and I see his wife putting up hurdles every step of the way…and I don’t get it. I can’t imagine not wanting to support such a healthy decision.

As for children - that’s really tough, it’s not an easy answer for sure. I think for the first 5 or 6 years of life, for many kids its a big challenge just to make sure they’re eating nutritious food and enough of it. My kids do eat meat…but they often eat vegan because guess who does most of the cooking. I’ve tried to focus more on food being healthy, not packaged, organic etc. My daughter is nearly 7 and asks a lot of questions, I really think she’ll come to a veg*n decision before long.

I have a little one, and although me and my lady are both vegan, we let our child eat whatever he wants. If he requests meat or dairy, we go out of our way to buy it for him so he can eat it. He’s only four, but we do explain why we don’t eat animal products, so he has some grounding in why we eat what we eat.

Since he is growing up in a vegan family, though, mots of the time he eats what we eat. I’d say 95% of his meals are vegan, as a result. He’s perfectly healthy and is all around rad.

Our idea on this is that he should have some control over his diet. There’s no better way to make a child resentful of your diet than by forcing it on them from an early age. Better to let them wander, make mistakes and create successes, than cramming ideas down his throat. That’s a recipe to create a Wall Street Investor out of him!

This is a hard issue.
It is very important to share the way of eating if it is something more than diet or health choice. For the most vegans being vegan is a philosophical question, issue of values, kindness, compassion, true seeing and respect for other sentient beings.
That is something almost impossible to compromise.
However we must always give a person a chance to learn about our choices.

If it has got to the point where you have had kids then I guess your co-existence has been established to some point in terms of food consumption in the relationship.
I personally as a rule for “in the house” is that no animal food would be allowed. Out of the house - freedom is theirs :smiley:

Interesting topic.

we vegans agree that “meat” is a form of extreme animal cruelty. Right ?

So we might substitue “eating meat” in which the animal cruelty is “hidden”, to a more visible for of animal cruelty like, let’s say, a partner who hates animals and kicks dogs and cats, and places gluetraps for the mice. Would any vegan seriously consider such a person to be a life partner and raise kids ? Would anyone seriously delute himself and say “it is her choiche, it is not up to me to force my lifestyle upon her”.

I have found it’s best to be very very honest to myself (i REALLY want to live with somebody who eats meat and from her side “tolerates” my vegan lifestyle ??) and to a possible partner about this issue. It worked and no confusion.

Hmmm Very nice