When to eat Breakfast????

My husband’s work schedule is such that I wake up with him at six in the morning, monday through friday, to get him off to work. I don’t work, so I have the option of going back to bed when he leaves. If we were up too late the night before, I will occasionally do just that, to ensure that I’m getting 7-8 hours of sleep.

Now I know that you are supposed to eat breakfast every morning, preferably within an hour of waking up, to kick your metabolism into gear.

My question is: If I plan on sleeping for a couple more hours after he leaves, should I eat breakfast with my husband and then go back to sleep? Or should I go back to sleep on an empty stomach and eat when I wake up again? Which of these options is going to be the best for weight loss?

I personally take a liking to Fred Bisci’s view on when to eat.
Breakfast some time after waking is what he promoted last time I heard from him. This is so you do not overload your body as it awakes as such.
Eating in daylight hours is the other big thing.